Italian Character Name Generator

Patrizio di Leo

First name means: Noble

Rosana Lattanzi

First name means: Bright, dawn

Giancarlo Panzeri

First name means: John Charles

Cinzia Reale

First name means: One of the names of the mythological mood goddess

Ginevra Cattaneo

First name means: White shadow, white wave






20 Popular Italian Names

Name Meaning Gender
Carmella Garden Female
Alice Noble Female
Aurora Dawn Female
Beatrice She who makes happy Female
Ginevra White fairy Female
Giorgia Farmer Female
Giulia Giulia Female
Matilde Might in battle Female
Sofia Wisdom Female
Vittoria Victory Female
Alessandro Defender of the people Male
Angelo Messenger angel Male
Diego Supplanter Male
Edoardo Guardian of their property Male
Gabriele God is my strength Male
Leonardo Brave as a lion Male
Lorenzo Laurel crown Male
Matteo Gift of god Male
Riccardo Powerful leader Male
Tommaso Twin Male

20 Unique Italian Names

Name Meaning Gender
Emma Whole or universal Female
Benedetta Blessed Female
Bianca White Female
Camilla Free-born noble Female
Caterina Pure Female
Eleonora Shining light Female
Elisa God is my oath Female
Noemi Pleasantness Female
Rebecca Join or tie together Female
Sara Princess Female
Alonzo Noble Male
Amadeo Love of god Male
Amerigo Whole ruler Male
Aristide The best Male
Aurelio Golden Male
Beniamino Son of the south Male
Dario Possessing goodness Male
Gerardo God is salvation Male
Giosuè Hardy spear Male
Mauro Moorish Male

20 Beautiful Italian Names

Name Meaning Gender
Emilia Rival Female
Giada Jade Female
Ilaria Cheerful Female
Ilina My god is yahweh Female
Mia Wished-for-child Female
Mirabella Wondrous beauty Female
Sienna Orange-red Female
Valentina Healthy and strong Female
Viola Violet Female
Zeta Olive Female
Moreno Dark-skinned Male
Adriano Adria Male
Augusto Venerable Male
Bruno Armor Male

Faber, maker


Lucky, fortunate, suitable

Felice Happy Male

Blond, golden

golden Male
Marcello Sacred to mars Male
Patrizio Noble Male

20 Powerful Italian Names

Name Meaning Gender
Agata Virtuous Female
Agnese Chaste Female
Agostina Great and magnificent Female
Amalia Work Female
Antonia Praiseworthy Female
Domenica Belonging to the lord Female
Donata Gift Female
Fiorenza Prosperous Female
Giovanna God is gracious Female
Natalia Christmas day Female
Renato Reborn Male
Montay Mountain Male
Nero Dark or black Male
Nicoli Victorious Male
Pietro Stone or rock Male
Sansone Of the sun Male
Santo Saint Male
Sergio Attendant Male
Tomasso Twin Male
Valentino Strong and healthy Male

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