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    What is KENP?

    Amazon’s Kindle Edition Normalized Pages (KENP) is a system used to measure how many pages are read in a Kindle book. This allows Amazon to keep track of books borrowed through the Kindle Unlimited program and determine how much each author should be paid. KENP is important because it provides a uniform way to measure page numbers, regardless of the device used.


    How are KENP royalties calculated?

    Royalty rates for authors are determined on a month-to-month basis, according to what’s available in the KDP Select Global Fund. Just like it sounds, the Global Fund is a pool of funds from Amazon’s global KU marketplaces. You can think of this as “the pot of money” where KU royalties come from. 

    Amazon publishes the total amount of the Global Fund every month, and this number is used to determine the month’s KENP rate. The KENP rate is the actual royalty amount per page that Amazon pays. We keep this number updated in our KENP royalty calculator with the last published KENP rate from Amazon. 

    Here’s how that rate is calculated each month:

    KDP Select Global Fund / Total Pages Read = KENP Rate

    To calculate your own estimated royalties as an author in KDP Select, multiply the KENP rate by your total number of KENP read (according to your sales dashboard). That’s what our Kindle Unlimited royalty calculator does for you.

    KENP Pages Read * KENP Rate = Royalties


    How high are the monthly KENP rates?

    The average KENP rates in the US are around $0.004 and $0.005 per page read. The chart below shows the KENP rates for the US market for the first 9 months of 2022:


    KENP Rate (US)




















    Monthly KENP rates vary depending on the country. Some marketplaces have higher rates than others. That means that if your book is getting downloaded and read by people in other countries, those royalties will be paid to you at a different rate. 

    Note that each country’s KENP rate is published in that country’s currency, so you’ll want to convert those royalties into USD (or your own currency).


    How much can you earn with KENP royalties?

    Now that you have the breakdown of how the numbers work, let’s talk about how much you can earn in KENP royalties as an author with Amazon KDP Select.

    Remember, you only get paid based on actual pages read (that’s your KENP read number). If your ebook is 700 pages long, but someone downloads it and they only read the first 200 pages, then your KENP read is 200—and you’ll only get paid royalties on those 200 pages.

    A typical KENP read number for the average novel on Kindle Unlimited is around 250-350 pages. The average KENP rate comes in right around $0.004 – $0.005. 

    Multiply that KENP rate by the KENP read number, and the average comes out to about $1.00 – $1.75 earned in KENP royalties for each book download in Kindle Unlimited (assuming a KENP read of 250-350 pages).

    Did you find this KENP royalty calculator helpful? Try our book royalty calculator to calculate royalties on your regular book sales! 

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