The Book Launch Checklist

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Get the ultimate, step-by-step blueprint to launch your book successfully. Learn proven tactics, battle-tested strategies, and publishing secrets to turn your masterpiece into a bestseller.

The Power Behind This Supercharged Checklist

Interactive Roadmap

Follow an ultimate step-by-step checklist with interactive action steps.

Proven Strategies

Level up your book launch with a powerful set of tactics and strategies.

Save Valuable Time

Avoid endless trial and error, and instead take a proven path.

The Secret to Your Self-Publishing Success

Chapter 1

Knowing Your Market

Uncover the formula to identify your target audience and outperform your competitors.

Chapter 2

Writing Your Masterpiece

Unleash your genius, craft a masterpiece, and take readers on an unforgettable journey.

Chapter 3

Editing & Finetuning

Discover tools and tactics to review, edit, and polish your manuscript to perfection.

Chapter 4

Mastering Book Layout

Create a visually harmonious layout that brings your words to life.

Chapter 5

Crafting a Stunning Cover

Master the art of designing an eye-catching book cover that sells.

Chapter 6

Optimize Your Book Listing

Catapult your book to the top of search results and dominate bestseller rankings.

Chapter 7

Your Author Platform

Combine the power of social media, email marketing, and a strong network.

Chapter 8

Pre-Launch Preparation

Create an impactful roadmap for a triumphant book launch.

Chapter 9

The Perfect Launch Day

Unleash the full power of your masterpiece with a mind-blowing launch event.

Chapter 10

Post-Launch Strategy

Create unstoppable momentum and turn readers into loyal fans.

Bonus Chapter

Common Mistakes & Pitfalls

Stay on course by learning from common mistakes and pitfalls.

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About the Author

As the founder of BookBird, Yves Lummer has pioneered a thriving community for authors, leading more than 100,000 of them towards their dreams of self-publishing. His expertise in book marketing has become a catalyst for multiple best-sellers, establishing his reputation as an influential figure in the publishing world.

Unleashing the Power of Your Ultimate Step-by-Step Roadmap

The Book Launch Checklist

Unleash your full potential with the ultimate step-by-step roadmap to get your book to the top of the bestseller rankings.

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The Book Launch Checklist is a step-by-step roadmap filled with proven strategies and action steps to successfully launch your book.

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