French Character Name Generator

Frankie Chuquet

First name means: Frenchman or free one

Liriene Bodin

First name means: Reads aloud

Corbett Clergeau

First name means: Raven

Nancy Corriveau

First name means: Favor, grace

Chane Choinière

First name means: Oak-hearted






20 Popular French Names

Name Meaning Gender
Audrey Noble strength Female
Aliénor Light Female
Charlotte Diminutive of charles Female
Coraline Coral Female
Juliette Youthful Female
Lya Weary Female
Madeleine Elevated and magnificent Female
Noémie Pleasantness Female
Sophia Wisdom Female
Sylvie From the forest Female
Roy King Male
Mylan Gracious or dear Male
Achille Uncertain Male
Alcide Strength Male
Gabriel God is my strong man Male
Maël Chieftain or prince Male
Mathéo Gift of god Male
Raphaël God heals Male
Samuel God has heard Male
Théo Gift of god Male

20 Unique French Names

Name Meaning Gender
Amélie Hardworking Female
Aurélie Golden Female
Céleste Heavenly Female
Clementine Mild Female
Delphine Dolphin Female
Gisele Arrow Female
Lilou Lily flower Female
Lucie Light Female
Méline Little honey Female
Rosalie Rose Female
Gilles Shield of god Male
Grégoire Vigilant Male
Loris Bay laurel Male
Norbert North bright Male
Obert Noble or bright Male
Omer Heap of wood Male
Pacome Pacifier Male
Pierre Rock or stone Male
Razo Royal Male
Verrill Faithful Male

20 Beautiful French Names

Name Meaning Gender
Catherine Pure and clear Female
Annette Beautiful Female
Antoinette Judged by god Female
Avril Eternal beauty Female
Béatrice Fortification Female
Belle Beautiful Female
Berthe Bright glorious Female
Caroline Laurel tree Female
Claire Pretty Female
Natalie Most beautiful Female
Beau Golden Male
Alain Light Male
Aldéric Little honey Male
Alphonse Rose lily Male
Ames Hardworking Male
Blaise Mild merciful Male
Cédric Lily flower Male
Elias Heavenly Male
Elliot Dolphin Male
Ethan Arrow Male

20 Powerful French Names

Name Meaning Gender
Alice Truth Female
Ambre Jewel or amber Female
Chloé Flourishing Female
Emma Whole Female
Jade Jade stone Female
Léa Weary Female
Lina Noble Female
Louise Brave warrior Female
Mia Beauty or mine Female
Rose Flower of love Female
Fort Strong Male
Alexandre Defender of the people Male
Andre Strong and manly Male
Bellamy Good friend Male
Benard Bold as a bear Male
Benoit Blessed Male
Chandler Candle maker Male
Chase To hunt Male
Danniell God is my judge Male
Forest Woodsman Male

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