Free Hashtag Generator for Authors

How does the Hashtag Generator work?

Our free tool generates relevant hashtags for your social media posts based on your social media platform, book genre, and target audience. So you can reach more followers and readers with your story. 


Step #1: Select Social Media Platform

In the first step, choose the social media platform on which you want to post content. Based on this selection, the tool generates special hashtags and displays limitations.


Step #2: Choose Category & Genre

After that, you choose one of the three following book categories: 

  • Fiction
  • Nonfiction
  • Low Content Books

Once you have selected a book category, an overview of the different book genres is displayed below. Now you can choose the book genres that most accurately describe your book. You should limit your selection to 2-3 book genres.


Step #3: Add Audience & Target

In addition, you have the option to add hashtags for a specific audience or target. This is especially useful if you are doing a giveaway, wish to connect with other authors, or want to reach new readers.


Step #4: Select Your Hashtags

Now, select all suggested hashtags you want to use in your social media post. Here you can also find the number of remaining hashtags or characters based on your social media platform. 


Step #5: Copy Hashtag Selection

Click the “Copy Hashtags” button to copy all the selected hashtags to your clipboard.  Finally, you can simply add your hashtags to the description of your social media post.

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