English Character Name Generator

Barron Hackney

First name means: warrior or noble man

Bourne Lapointe

First name means: one who lives near a stream

Bailey Toliver

First name means: law enforcer, bailiff

Waylon Jaimes

First name means: land beside the road

Merry Bridges

First name means: lighthearted, happy






20 Popular English Names

Name Meaning Gender
Adam Of the earth Male
Alex Defender of the people Male
Andrew Manly Male
Ben Son of my right hand Male
Cody Descendant of oda Male
Edward Wealthy guardian Male
Harry Army ruler Male
Jack Diminutive form of john Male
Jake Supplanter Male
Matthew Gift of god Male
Alina The noble one Female
Emma Whole Female
Sophia Wisdom Female
Zoey Life Female
Emily Rival Female
Alice Of a noble kind Female
Stella Celestial star Female
Rose Flower Female
Catalina Pure Female
Natalia Birthday Female

20 Unique English Names

Name Meaning Gender
Sebastian Venerable Male
Mateo Gift of god Male
Ezra Helpful and helper Male
Elias The lord is my god Male
Silas Wood Male
Waylen Land by the road Male
Gael Joyful Male
Rowan Red-haired Male
Thiago May god protect Male
Braylon Salmon Male
Annalise Graced with god's bounty Female
Brigitta Strength Female
Charmaine Delight Female
Constance Steadfast Female
Micaela Who is like god Female
Larisa Sea bird Female
Bonita Pretty Female
Bonnie Pretty or attractive Female
Caily Pretty or slender Female
Priscilla Venerable Female

20 Beautiful English Names

Name Meaning Gender
Alvin Friend Male
Armstrong Strong arms Male
Dann Judge Male
Alexander Defending man Male
Ambrose Immortal Male
Amos Carried by god Male
Anders Strong and manly Male
Anderson Son of anders Male
Oswald Devine power Male
Angus One strength Male
Abigail A father's joy Female
Alexandria Defender of mankind Female
Amara Eternal beauty Female
Amelia Industrious Female
Angelina Most beautiful Female
Callista Beautiful Female
Belle Fortification Female
Bailey Pretty Female
Belinda Judged by god Female
Danielle Laurel tree Female

20 Powerful English Names

Name Meaning Gender
Aiden Little fire Male
Amell Power of an eagle Male
Ethan Solid Male
Henry Ruler Male
Hudson Brave ruler Male
Leo Lion Male
Liam Desire Male
Michael Who is like god Male
William Protection Male
Wyatt Battle Male
Aaliyah Rising ascending Female
Arabella Prayerful Female
Ashanti Gratitude Female
Athena Goddess of wisdom Female
Berenice Bringer of victory Female
Lazlo Glory Female
Kirsten Follower of christ Female
Ophelia Help Female
Philomena Friend of strength Female
Valencia Strong Female

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