Amazon KDP Royalty Calculator

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    How does the Royalty Calculator work?

    The BookBird royalty calculator determines the profit margin for paperbacks and hardcover books sold via Amazon KDP. In addition, the tool provides you with a breakdown of all relevant costs such as printing costs, Amazon fees, etc. This allows you to find the right price point for your book with just a few clicks.

    Step 1: Select Book Type

    First, select the book type to calculate your potential royalties. Here you can choose between a paperback or hardcover book.

    Step 2: Choose Marketplace

    After that, you select one of the listed Amazon marketplaces. In total, you can choose between 10 different marketplaces. Please keep in mind that the calculation and results are based on the currency of the given country.

    Step 3: Pick Interior Type

    Now you select the ink and paper type you want to apply to your book. Each of the listed options generates individual printing costs.

    Step 4: Add Number of Pages

    In this field, you simply enter the exact number of pages for your book. Of course, an increasing number of pages also leads to higher printing costs.

    Step 5: Enter Book Price

    Finally, enter the book price of your choice and click the “Calculate” button. Here you can try out different price points or use competing products as a baseline.

    Explanation of the Calculated Results

    In the following, you can find a quick explanation of the calculated results and costs:

    Value Local currency
    List Price
    Book price you set for the calculation
    Printing Cost
    Costs incurred for the printing and production of your book
    Amazon Fee
    Revenue share that Amazon retains per book (usually 40%)
    Minimum List Price
    Minimum book price that must be set in order to generate royalties
    Standard Royalty
    Royalties generated for each sale through the Amazon marketplace
    Extended Distributio
    Royalties generated for each sale through external distribution channels

    What can we improve on this tool?

    This tool is as already mentioned still in the beta test stage. For this reason, we will always update and improve features in order to develop the best free category browser available. You are welcome to give us some quick feedback with suggestions and ideas.