Amazon KDP Book Category Finder

How does the Category Finder work?

The BookBird Category Finder allows you to discover matching Amazon KDP book categories in a quick and easy way. With a single click, our tool creates an overview of the category paths that best fit your book. 

Step 1: Enter related keyword

In the first step, you enter a keyword in the search bar that describes the topic, content, or storyline of your book. Here you can also try different synonyms to discover as many matching categories as possible.

Step 2: Choose matching categories

Once you have started the search, all book categories related to the given keyword will be displayed. In addition, a relevance score is automatically determined for every single category. This allows you to identify matching categories much faster.

Step 3: Select Amazon categories

Finally, you can select these book categories during the listing creation of your new book. Overall, you can select up to two different book categories in your Amazon KDP backend. But even with already published books, you can adjust the Amazon categories at any time.

What can we improve on this tool?

This tool is as already mentioned still in the beta test stage. For this reason, we will always update and improve features in order to develop the best free category browser available. You are welcome to give us some quick feedback with suggestions and ideas.