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    How does the Sales Calculator work?

    BookBird’s Sales Calculator estimates daily and monthly book sales based on an Amazon Best Seller Rank. This allows you to find out how profitable a particular book or even an entire niche is, with just a few clicks.

    Step 1: Find out Best Seller Rank

    The Amazon Best Seller Rank (BSR) is a number that reflects the sales performance of a product. This score is updated hourly and is awarded to each product once a first sale has been generated.


    In order to figure out the Best Seller Rank, you first visit the product detail page of any book. Next, you just need to scroll down a bit until you reach the Product Details section. Right here you can already discover the general Amazon Best Seller Rank number.


    For your calculation, it is important to use the general Best Seller Rank at the top. Category-Specific BSR numbers do not provide accurate results.

    Step 2: Enter Best Seller Rank

    In the next step, you just have to enter the identified Amazon BSR into the provided field. Please make sure that you do not insert any special characters like “#”.

    Step 3: Select Amazon Marketplace

    After that, you need to select an Amazon marketplace for the estimated sales figures. Overall, you can choose 10 different marketplaces:

    Step 4: Start Sales Calculation

    Finally, you just click on the “Estimate” button. Our tool now automatically calculates the estimated daily and monthly sales of your given book.

    Step 5: Analyze Results

    Once the calculation is done, you can see how many copies of a book are sold. This allows you to find out how profitable a book is and what it takes to outperform your competitors. 


    Additionally, you can extend this calculation to other similar books. This will provide you with a better overview of the entire niche.


    On top of that, you can use our Royalty Calculator to figure out the exact profit margin of any book.

    What can we improve on this tool?

    This tool is as already mentioned still in the beta test stage. For this reason, we will always update and improve features in order to develop the best free category browser available. You are welcome to give us some quick feedback with suggestions and ideas.