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The LCB Masterclass is your ultimate step-by-step blueprint to build your own highly profitable publishing business. Get access to a superior online course with video instructions, proven processes, cutting-edge strategies and custom-made tools.

Niche Research

Identify highly profitable niche markets and build the foundation for your unstoppable publishing business.

Product Design

Develop, improve and design outstanding products that are superior to any competitors.

Keyword Research

Create supreme keyword collections using cutting-edge strategies, tools und secret frameworks.

Listing Optimization

Construct effective product listings that rank successfully for every possible search term.


Drive hyper systematized advertising campaigns in order to scale, expand and dominate the market.

Copyright & Trademarks

Discover trusted ways to master the major risks of any print-on-demand business.

Your ultimate Blueprint to Success

Everything you need to start a winning Self-Publishing Business

Study-Based Learning Concept

This is not a typical “course”. Most programs teach you isolated tactics, but in the real-world everything is connected. Our special combination provides you with fundamental knowledge, hands-on examples and exclusive tools.

Interactive Community

Join our inner circle of leading Amazon Experts, e-Commerce Sellers and Digital Entrepreneurs. Get inspired, ask questions, generate ideas and form valuable friendships with like-minded people.

Custom-Build Solutions

Access a special collection of custom-build tools and templates that is not available to anyone outside of the LCB Empire™ Program. 

Niche research provides the foundation for the future success of our product. Choosing a wrong or weak niche will cost us valuable time and also invested money. For this reason, we will learn in this module what exactly makes a niche profitable and different methods to discover them.


What we cover in this module:


  • What is a Niche Market?
  • Key Figures of profitable Niches
  • Demand > Competition
  • Focus Field of Niche Research
  • Niche Research Workflow
  • Evergreens vs. Trends


  • Training - Detecting Niches
  • Training - Hunting Trends
  • Tool - Niche Hunter (Download)


This module builds the foundation for a successful and, above all, sustainable development of your business. Maybe you think this topic is very boring or even unnecessary. But I can promise you, that your business will fail in the long term if you don't follow these rules. And It doesn't help you to just know these rules, you really have to implement them. But I will show you strategies and tools that allow you to follow these rules very easily.


What we cover in this module:


  • Risks of Copyright & Trademarks
  • Types of Rights
  • Hands-on Examples
  • Scope of Inspection


  • Training - Research Tools 

Lets take a look at the main factors for successful design. Probably some of you are thinking at this point: "I am not an artist, graphic designer or really creative. So how am I supposed to create outstanding designs?" But just like most skills, design also follows some clear guidelines. In this module we will learn these rules, with the help of our special design laws.


What we cover in this module:


  • Key Elements of Design
  • Resolution
  • Uniqueness
  • Readability
  • Quantity
  • Color Combinations
  • Contrast
  • Negative Space
  • Alignment
  • Design Laws

Powerful design resources are the true assets of any designer or artist. These different types of tools, libraries and platforms improve our entire workflow significantly. For this reason, this module provides you with an overview of the leading design resources and several ways to use them effectively.


What we cover in this module:


  • Types of Resources
  • Free vs. Premium
  • Graphics & Images
  • Icons
  • Fonts
  • Inspirations

Interior design is actually the core product of our low content book. It allows our customers to turn hobbies and passions into unforgettable memories. So at this point we have an incredible number of opportunities to create real value for our customers. In this module we will learn to create a powerful combination of proven and innovative design elements for a successful low content book layout.


What we cover in this module:


  • Key Elements of Value Creation
  • Competition Analysis
  • Finding Improvements
  • Evergreen Elements
  • Create an Idea Board
  • Design Research Workflow


  • Training - Interior Design of a Fishing Log Book 

Unlike an interior design, the cover design works as a tool to showcase the unique benefits of our low content book crystal clear. After all, this is usually the part of our product that customers notice first. In this module we will learn how to create a successful cover design and which elements can increase the conversion rate of our product.


What we cover in this module:


  • Cover Design Elements
  • Cover Design Key Factors
  • Audience Analysis
  • Competition Analysis
  • Conversion Booster


  • Training - Cover Design of a Meditation Journal

Keywords, make our product visible to the customer in the endless world of online marketplaces. Even the best products are hard to find without the right keywords. This is one of the main reasons why some low content books perform so bad, even with high quality content. In this module we will learn the different types of keywords, characteristics of strong search terms and several strategies to find relevant words or phrases for our products.


What we cover in this module:


  • Keyword Functions
  • Types of Keywords
  • Ideal Keywords
  • Analyze Relevancy
  • Analyze Search Volume
  • Creating a Keyword List
  • Keyword Research Workflow
  • Keyword Tools Overview


  • Training - Keyword Research of a Nutrition Journal
  • Tool - Keyword Catcher (Download)
  • Tool - Product Keywords (Download)

A product listing is the stage on which your low content book is pitched to customers. These Amazon product pages show all relevant information about your product. Which means the product listing is the actual place where the final purchase decision is made. In this module we will learn the roles of the different listing elements, how to place your strongest keywords in the right positions and finally how to publish our low content book successfully on the marketplace.


What we cover in this module:


  • Listing Elements
  • Keyword Arrangement
  • Static Pricing
  • Dynamic Pricing
  • Publishing Process


  • Training - Listing Creation of a Nutrition Journal
  • Tool - Royalty Calculator (Download)

With Amazon Advertising, we get the ultimate tool to reach more potential customers, scale our sales figures and beat competitors even in difficult niches. In this module we will learn how Amazon Advertising works in detail, how to create successful advertising campaigns and why frequent optimization is the key to success here.

What we cover in this module:

  • Benefits of Advertising
  • How Amazon Advertising works
  • Auction Based Model
  • Bidding Strategies
  • Display Factors
  • Relevance Score
  • Campaign Targeting
  • Keyword Targeting
  • Display Targeting
  • Campaign Optimization
  • Break Even Point
  • Optimization Workflow
  • Training - Advertising of a Nutrition Journal
  • Training - Display Factors of a Deer Hunting Journal
  • Training - Keyword Targeting of a Deer Hunting Journal
  • Tool - Ad Calculator (Download)

Exclusive Access to all custom-build Tools & Templates


  • Niche Hunter - Dynamic Niche List with over +850 Topics
  • Keyword Catcher - Dynamic Spreadsheet to collect and arrange your Keywords
  • Ad Calculator - Advertising Performance Agent
  • Product Keywords - Collection of the most popular Product Search Terms
  • Portfolio Collector - Competition Analysis Tool
  • Royalty Calculator - Book Pricing Tool
  • Course Notes - Overview with over +85 Tools, Platforms and Links

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The LCB Empire Mastery™ is an online course that shows you step-by-step how to build and grow your own profitable Amazon KDP business with low content books from scratch. You get access to countless in-depth video lessons, special tools and an exclusive community with other course members and experts.

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The Gold Library gives you access to over +105 ready-to-use interior designs to create your own low content books with just a few clicks. Additionally, every single template in this collection can be be customized with all common graphic programs. 

Low content books usually contain only a minimal amount of written text elements such as notebooks, journals or log books. They allow users to record a specific hobby, event or activity.

LCB = Low Content Books

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