Hindi Character Name Generator

Shrikama Kothari

First name means: Radha

Nitya Rajagopalan

First name means: Goddess Parvati

Bimbi Mangal

First name means: Glorious

Vibali Mand

First name means: Young

Saguna Vasa

First name means: Virtuous






20 Popular Hindi Names

Name Meaning Gender
Bhavna Good feelings Female
Shanaya First ray of the sun Female
Anaya Gift Female
Angel Pari Female
Anushka Grace Female
Prisha God's gift Female
Priyanka Amiable Female
Ritika Joy Female
Riya Graceful Female
Shreya Fortune Female
Kunal One with beautiful eyes Male
Sujal Affectionate Male
Advik Unique Male
Ayush Long life Male
Rahul Moon able efficient Male
Reyansh Part of a stream Male
Sanjay Victory Male
Shreyanshu God of affection Male
Shubham Lucky Male
Vihaan Sunrise Male

20 Unique Hindi Names

Name Meaning Gender
Aalia Excellent Female
Aaradhya Worshipped Female
Aarohi Progressive Female
Devaki Black Female
Aadhya First power Female
Aahana Inner light Female
Aanya Inexhaustible Female
Aarna Goddess lakshmi Female
Advika World Female
Adweta Inspirational idealistic Female
Aarav Wisdom Male
Aadi Important Male
Aarnav Ocean Male
Aarush First sun ray Male
Aayush The one with long life Male
Abdul Servant Male
Abeer Fragrance Male
Abhimanyu Self-respect Male
Abhiram Lovely Male
Aditya The sun Male

20 Beautiful Hindi Names

Name Meaning Gender
Anjali Divine offering Female
Darpita Proud Female
Aditi Free boundless Female
Anika Brilliance or splendor Female
Aakanksha Desire or wish Female
Aarushi The first ray of the sun Female
Aashi Smile joy Female
Aayushi One who is blessed with a long life Female
Archana Worshiping one Female
Divya Divine luster Female
Ashwin Spear friend Male
Goshant Peacefulness Male
Jaspreet One who loves to sing praises of the lord Male
Mandhata An ancient king Male
Reddy Dominate; leader Male
Sharma Protection Male
Srestha Excellent chief Male
Virat Giant proportioned; great Male
Yadav Lord krishna descedent of yadu Male
Yajin Worshipper Male

20 Powerful Hindi Names

Name Meaning Gender
Iraja Born of the wind Female
Krisha Divine Female
Aarin Mountain strength Female
Akira Graceful strength Female
Alisha Noble Female
Ashvitha Strong Female
Ishana Rich Female
Ishita Desire Female
Kaia Stability Female
Shrishti Universe Female
Arnav Ocean Male
Aahan Sunrise Male
Anik Soldier Male
Arhaan Ruler Male
Arin Mountain of strength Male
Balvan Powerful Male
Bhaumik Lord of the earth Male
Bhavin Winner Male
Daivik God’s grace Male
Faras Tiger Male

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