Self-Publishing Tools & Resources

Level up your self-publishing journey with countless free tools and resources developed by the BookBird team.

Book Sales Calculator

Calculate the estimated daily and monthly sales for a specific book on Amazon.

Book Category Finder

Discover the best Amazon categories for your books with just a few clicks.

Book Royalty Calculator

Find out how many royalties you earn per book at different price points.

Character Name Generator

Find iconic character names to turn your story into an unforgettable adventure.

Pen Name Generator

Generate unique pen names from around the world to start your author journey.

QR Code Generator

Create outstanding QR codes to upgrade your book with interactive content.

Hashtag Generator

Find relevant hashtags to reach more readers through your social media channels.

ISBN Barcode Generator

Generate scannable barcodes based on the ISBN 13 number of your book.

Self-Publishing Glossary

Discover quick explanations for the most popular self-publishing terms.

KENP Royalty Calculator

Estimate royalties how many KENP royalties you earn through Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited Program.

More Self-Publishing Tools

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