Self-Publishing Terms That Start With M

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A manuscript is the original, unedited version of a book or other written work before it is edited and published.



A memoir is a personal story written by an author about a significant event, time period, or journey in their life.



The midpoint of a story is an important plot point that occurs roughly halfway through the narrative. It represents a transition point or turning point in the story, often involving a significant change in the protagonist's motivations and actions going forward.


Minor Character

A minor character is a secondary character who appears in only a few scenes or has a relatively small role compared to the main or supporting characters.



A motif is a literary technique that consists of a repeated element within a literary work. This element can take many different forms, such as a specific word, phrase, topic, image, or situation.



The mystery genre is a type of fiction that revolves around investigating and resolving a crime. These stories typically feature a detective or private investigator as the main character who must unravel the various clues, suspects, and motivations behind the crime to bring it to justice.


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