Self-Publishing Terms That Start With I

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Book Index

An index is a list of terms or topics that are addressed or mentioned in the book's content.


Impact Character

An impact character is a secondary character in a story that strongly influences or affects the main character's development and choices.



An imprint is a subdivision within a publishing company specializing in a particular genre.


Inciting Incident

An inciting incident is a major event or turning point at the beginning of a story that sets the plot in motion and introduces the primary source of conflict or tension.


Indie Author

An indie author, or independent author, is an author who has self-published their work without the involvement of a traditional publishing company.



A book’s interior refers to the design and layout of the pages within a book. This can include fonts, graphics, the layout, and other stylistic elements.


International Standard Book Number (isbn)

An International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is a unique identifier assigned to every book that is published. This number helps publishers and distributors track books throughout the publishing process, making it easier to identify, order, and sell books worldwide.


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