Self-Publishing Terms That Start With H

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A hardcover, or hardback, is a type of book with a sturdy binding that is particularly durable.


Head Hopping

Head hopping is a narrative technique that involves switching between multiple characters' points of view within the same scene.



A hero is a central figure in a story who embodies characteristics and qualities such as courage, bravery, or conviction. Typically, a hero is on the side of “good” and the reader is meant to root for them.


Hero’s Journey

The hero’s journey is a common narrative archetype in which the protagonist must overcome various obstacles and challenges to achieve their ultimate goal.


Historical Fiction

Historical fiction is a type of writing that takes place during a particular time period and uses historical details to bring the narrative to life in that setting.



A hook is a phrase or sentence that grabs the reader's attention and makes them want to continue reading.



The horror genre is a type of writing that typically features suspense, fear, or violence. Horror works aim to evoke feelings of dread or anxiety in the reader.


Hybrid Author

A hybrid author is a writer who has published both traditionally and independently.


Hybrid Publishing

Hybrid publishing refers to a publishing method in which authors work with both traditional and independent publishers. This method can offer the benefits of both models, such as ensuring access to larger distribution networks as well as the author maintaining more creative control over their content.


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