Self-Publishing Terms That Start With B

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Back Matter

Back matter is the content that comes after the main body of a book. This may include a table of contents, an author's note, acknowledgments, or an index.



The backstory is the part of a story that takes place before the main action begins. It provides context and background information that helps readers better understand the characters and plot.


Beta Reader

A beta reader is somebody who reads a draft of a piece of writing and provides constructive feedback to the author. Beta readers typically read a more polished version of the text after the author has incorporated feedback from alpha readers.



Binding a book is the process of physically attaching the cover and spine to the pages. This is usually done with adhesives, such as glue, or stitching.



A biography is an account of a person's life written by another person.



Bleed is the printing term for the edges of a page that extend beyond the trim size.



A blurb is a brief text intended to promote a book by enticing potential readers. It usually contains a short story summary along with the author's credentials.


Book Club

A book club is a group of people who read the same books or different books together, share book recommendations, and discuss their thoughts on the books they read.


Book Cover

A book cover is a book's front and back exterior as well as the spine. It usually features the book title, the author’s name, and a design that reflects the story or genre.


Book Fair

A book fair is an event where readers, authors, or publishers can come together to showcase and celebrate books. These events often feature workshops, readings, author signings, and other literary activities.


Book Index

An index is a list of terms or topics that are addressed or mentioned in the book's content.


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