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Frequently Asked Questions

More questions we receive often

How are sales tracked?

When a customer clicks on your affiliate link, their browser is tracked with cookies for 30 days. If he buys the products associated with your account within 30 days, you will be credited with a sales commission.

How do payouts work?

Payouts are made weekly (Friday) by Gumroad to your linked PayPal account.

Learn more about payouts here  👉

Where can I see my earned commission?

Affiliates can log in to their Gumroad account and visit their Balance Dashboard ( to see how much they’ve earned in commission during each payout period.

Usually we need only a few hours to review your submission. Afterwards you will receive an automated email with your custom affiliate link by Gumroad.

Why was I not approved as an affiliate?

We take a close look at each and every affiliate application to protect the vision of our brand.


Here are some reasons why we might not approve your account:


1.  No valid Gumroad ID

2. Your audience is not our target group

3. Your concept is not in line with our brand

Where can I find graphics and banners?

In our marketing bundle you will find a lot of different graphics, banners and videos that you can use or edit.

Is it possible to get special offer codes?

Yes! Please send us a message to [email protected] describing your concept and target group more precisely. After a quick review we will send you an individual offer code.