Self-Publishing Terms That Start With F

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The fantasy genre is a type of speculative fiction that typically includes magical elements, supernatural creatures, and alternate realities.


First Act

The first act of a story is the beginning portion that introduces the main characters, setting, and conflict. This often serves as the foundation for the rest of the narrative.


First Pinch Point

The first pinch point is a narrative technique that occurs in the middle of a story or novel. It acts as a turning point and creates tension by revealing important information about the plot or conflict.


First Plot Point

The first plot point is a major turning point accompanied by dramatic changes in the story.


First-person Narrative

A first-person narrative is a type of storytelling in which the narrator speaks from their own perspective and shares their unique thoughts, feelings, or experiences. This perspective refers to a narrator who uses pronouns such as "I," "me," or "us."



A flashback is a narrative technique in which the author interrupts the story's present action to return to an earlier event or time period. These scenes often provide additional context and backstory for the events happening in the present.



A flashforward is a narrative technique in which the author provides glimpses of the future. This can help build suspense, foreshadow certain events, or reveal important plot points.



Formatting is the act of arranging and organizing written content to make it easily readable and more appealing. This may involve choosing specific fonts, spacing, layouts, or other stylistic elements.


Front Matter

Front matter refers to the initial pages of a book or text such as the title page, copyright page, or table of contents.


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